Dartmouth - Durham Cybersecurity Debates

Dartmouth - Durham Global Debate Series:
Cybersecurity in Today's Digital Society

The Dartmouth-Durham Global Debate will showcase the future cyber landscape and discuss how organizations and governments can implement best processes and structures to "ensure a coordinated cyber resilience strategy" across the organization.

In today's digital world organizations and government face cyberattacks. Ransomware, hacking of personal information to cyber-attacks on government agencies has been dominating global news. Governments and organizations have been attempting to develop robust systems to ensure that all forms of digital assets can be protected from cyber-attacks.

Business and policy leaders are asking a key question – how can we be prepared to protect our digital assets from the threat of cybercrime, without having to comprise on innovation and creatively and do so at a reasonable price?

Researchers from Dartmouth and Durham have been studying the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to process potential threat in a cost effective manner. These developed systems are now being used by governments, cybersecurity firm and businesses. The Dartmouth-Durham debate will highlight the importance of Cyber Security in today's digital society with a focus on developing robust systems for reducing the risk of cyberattacks.

11 December 2019, Carnegie Institute of Washington
1530 P St NW, Washington, DC
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  • Wayne Chung - FMR. CTO, FBI

  • Alex Kott - US Army Research Lab Chief Scientist

  • Ranjeev Mittu - Branch Head, Information Management and Decision Architectures U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

  • David Pym - Professor of Information, Logic, and Security at UCL, Head of Programming Principles, Logic, and Verification (PPLV) for the Alan Turing Institute

  • Philip J. Hanlon - President of Dartmouth College

13 December 2019, New York Academy of Sciences
250 Greeenwich St, New York, NY
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  • Charles Blauner - Global Head of Information Security at Citi (Ret.)

  • Andrew Tannenbaum - Global Head of Cyber, Data, and Intellectual Property Legal at Barclays

  • Deb Snyder - Cyber Strategist, FMR. NY State CISO & Adjunct Professor

  • Jay Leek - Managing Director, ClearSky Security

  • Prithviraj Dasgupta - Information Technology Division, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

  • Ankur Jindal - Global Head Corporate Venturing and Innovation at Tata Telecommunications

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