ISTS to Sponsor Contact Tracing Colloquium on June 3, 2020

Contact Tracing - Cybersecurity and Privacy Implications Colloquium

June 3, 2020, 12:00 PM EDT via Zoom webinar.

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Contact William Nisen ([email protected]) for more information.

Contact Tracing – Cybersecurity and Privacy Implications

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for "contact tracing", an effort to retroactively discover and inform all the persons who had recent contact with an infected person. Traditional methods are labor-intensive and inherently limited by human memory.  Many propose to use smartphone apps to proactively record contacts, for retrospective notifications to those who may have been proximate to someone later discovered to be infected.  There are, however, inherent privacy risks posed by such technologies, and the same technologies could be abused for purposes other than public health — e.g., to identify those participating in protests or to facilitate stalking.  It is thus essential for contact-tracing technologies to be designed and deployed with the utmost care and transparency.

Dartmouth's Institute for Security, Technology, and Society (ISTS) invites you to join leading privacy and digital contact-tracing specialists in a virtual panel discussion of the privacy risks and policy options surrounding the development and deployment of contact-tracing applications.  This session will be open to interactive participation by affiliated ISTS faculty and students and recorded for later posting on the ISTS website.


Dr. George Cybenko, Dartmouth (moderator) (bio)
Dr. David Kotz, Dartmouth (bio)
Dr. Srdjan Capkun, ETH (bio)
Dr. Aarathi Prasad, Skidmore (bio)
Dr. Ramesh Raskar, MIT (bio)