Past Programs

Past GenCyber Program Outreach Projects

Each summer, the Institute for Security, Technology, and Society (ISTS) offers the GenCyber summer program for high school students, exploring current interdisciplinary research in cybersecurity and privacy. Professor Adam Goldstein of Champlain College leads the class through a wide range of security topics, incorporating classroom discussion with guest lectures and labs.

At the end of the program, the participants are asked to complete an outreach project of their own design to spread the word about cybersecurity. 

GenCyber 2018 Outreach Projects

2018 Advanced Outreach Projects of Note

  • Rohan Acharya (Horace Greeley High School; Chappaqua, NY)
  • Alex Bettios (Langley High School, McLean, VA)
    • Alex created a video on BeEF Hooking and the lessons to be learned from it.
      BeEF Hooking Video
  • Conor Flynn (Fort Worth Country Day School; Fort Worth, TX)
    • Conor turned a Raspberry Pi into a router and then used if for a "man in the middle" attack. He wrote a paper detailing the steps in order to achieve this and how to monitor the data live once completed.
      Raspberry Pi "Man in the Middle" Attack
  • Adam Frank (Windham High School; Windham, NH)
  • William Klonsky (Malden Catholic Highschool; Malden, MA)
  • Jason Mittleman (Desert Vista High School; Phoenix, AZ)
    • Jason wrote an essay on things people can do to keep themselves safe online and adapted the essay into fan article for his school's newspaper.
      How to Stop Others from Hacking You
  • Bo Moore (Eagle Hill School; Hardwick, MA)
  • Simar Singh (Ridge High School; Basking Ridge, NJ)

2018 Introductory Outreach Projects of Note

  • Megan Crawford (Marlborough School; Los Angeles, CA)
    • Megan created a Power Point presentation about offensive cybersecurity designed to educate her general school community.
      Offensive Cybersecurity
  • Jack Flaherty (BASIS Scottsdale; Scottsdale, AZ)
  • Victoria Jones (Roosevelt High School; Seattle, WA)
    • Victoria created a Power Point presentation on the GenCyber program and over-all lessons learned.
      GenCyber Lessons Learned
  • Alex Lemos (Hope Highlands School; Cranston, RI)
    • Alex created a Google slides presentation on the basic components of a network and how the data is transferred and presented it to the computer science club at his school.
      Networks and Data Transfer
  • Sneha Magadi (Lebanon High School; Lebanon, NH)
  • Numya Menon (Chantilly High School; Chantilly, VA)
  • Kiera Mooney (Archbishop Molloy High School; Briarwood, NY)

2017 GenCyber Outreach Projects

  • Bethany Abbate (International School of Beaverton; Aloha, OR)
  • Caroline Balick (Kinnelon High School; Kinnelon, NJ)
  • Alex Bettios (Langley High School; McLane, VA)
    • Alex created a PowerPoint presentation for his school's Cyber Patriot Club, 60 high schoolers who have an interest in computer security and meet weekly doing cybersecurity training and competitions.
  • Maurice Day (Windsor High School; Windsor, VT)
  • Joe Edeker (WACO Community Schools; Wayland, IA)
    • Joe created a presentation, by coding a website.
  • Conor Flynn (Fort Worth County Day; Fort Worth, TX)
    • Conor performed network penetration tests on his school's systems to help further its security. He used programs such as Wireshark, Metasploit, and Kali Linux. Using his Windows laptop in "Monitor Mode," he was able to sniff packets off the main Wifi of his school. Conor sent a proposal to his school's Head of Technology in order to receive permission to complete this project. Read his proposal.
  • Gabriela Garcia (Lebanon High School; Lebanon, NH)
    • Gabriela created a poster showing why people should care about cybersecurity and ways that users can protect themselves against security threats.
  • Kyle Gordon (Woodstock Union High School; Woodstock, VT)
  • Jasmine Gormley (Merrimack Valley High School; Concord, NH)
    • Jasmine wrote an article for her local newspaper.
  • Heather Graham (JIO High School; Highland Falls, NY)
    • Heather hung flyers on the lockers and doors in her school. She used the name of her school (O'Neill) as a mnemonic to help remember the "Safe Computing Tips" listed on her flyers.
  • Wesley Hughes (Ledyard High School; Ledyard, CT)
    • Wesley wrote an article for his school newspaper.
  • James Lynch (Garden City High School; Garden City, NY)
  • Jason Mittelman (Desert Vista High School; Phoenix, AZ)
    • Jason created a presentation to talk about basic ways to keep safe and secure online as well as a brief overview of the program, and presented it to his Boy Scout Troop.
  • Bo Moore (Eagle Hill School; Hardwick, MA)
    • Bo wrote an article and submitted it to his school for publication.
  • Ava Pawelczyk (Woodstock Union High School; Woodstock, VT)
    • Ava created an overview poster on the GenCyber program. She states that she, "...had a tremendous experience and is now committed to pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity."
  • Christopher Ralph (Summit Country Day School; Cincinnati, OH)